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With everything that has happened so far in 2020, it is understandable that people have been avoiding the news, because they cannot handle more horrible news. But, unfortunately, horrible things are still happening - and they are going under the radar. This is bad, because the less coverage some of the news gets and the less exposure to the media, the more dangerous the situation could get. Here are just some examples of world news that is going completely under the radar.

In Mauritius, there has been a massive oil spill that has locals all pitching in to help save their wildlife and beautiful white-sand beaches. This oil spill was caused by a Japanese tanker that has scientists calling it one of the most devastating ecological disasters yet. This was hundreds of tons of oil spilling into the ocean. The horrible conditions on the Saturday that caused the ship to split in half, spilling the oil, made it difficult during the removal of the remaining oil on the ship. Not only this, but the pumping of the oil out of the sea cannot be continued because of the conditions.

Next is the explosion in Beirut. In this explosion, 200 people had died while 5000 remained injured. A fire had started and spread to a warehouse which caught alight and caused a huge explosion - and a series of mini explosions. But, only seconds later, a huge explosion went off that sent a supersonic blast that radiated throughout the entire city. The blast caused severe damaged to buildings in the capital and homes. Around 300 000 people were rendered homeless after the explosions.

This next one has been secretly happening for months: Greece sent more than 1000 migrants away, they even abandoned them at sea. For months, refugees have been left at the edge of Greece’s water territory by officials. They had been left on life rafters, many of which were overloaded. While Greece had denied doing anything illegal, evidence found 31 different cases like this one over the past months. One victim had said that officials took them to the edge of the water territory at night and gave them a “rudderless motorless water raft”. Eventually the refugees had been rescued by Turkish coastal guards.

The last one is happening right here in south Africa; a serial killer in KZN. Within two months, 5 decomposed bodies were found, which has raised suspicion of a serial killer.  Two suspects have been arrested, but just Monday morning one of the two men had committed suicide in his cell. Two bodies were found last Friday behind bushes which led police to these two suspects. This has caused many questions, because police still do not know much about the killings, and now some questions might not get answers. The strange thing about this suicide is that it happened right after he had given information to the police, which makes them believe there is foul play involved in his death. The remaining suspect is to be reported in court Monday as well.

Those are just 4 stories of the tons of other news crises happening around the world.

“Until the colour of your skin is the target, you will never understand”- Angela Davis
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