What My Childhood Movies Taught Me

One of my favorite pastimes is to revisit my collection of childhood movies and have a marathon in my pajamas. Not that I can imagine doing any of that now with exams around the corner, but I managed to squeeze in a couple of movies over that sad excuse for a vac.

While getting snuggly and teary-eyed with Winnie the Pooh, I realized how many wonderful lessons are hidden in these movies. From maintaining life-long friendships to self-love and inner strength, these are lessons we should take heed of in our adult life. Here are a few lessons I learned from my top five favourite childhood movies:

  1. 1. Matilda

    Matilda taught me that inner strength cannot be dulled by people who do not believe in you. As long as your continue working on yourself, you will never be at a loss. Everything you seek will be inside you. Matilda never let the fact that she was unwanted by her parents distract her from investing in herself, loving herself, and valuing her education as the key to freedom from their ignorance. It also taught me never to eat my principal’s chocolate cake, that reading is a healthy and mind-strengthening hobby, how to spell ‘difficulty’, and that maybe, one day, if I stare at my spoon hard enough, I will be able to feed myself Cheerios without any hands.


  2. 2. The Parent Trap

    The Parent Trap taught me that a parent’s love is unconditional. No matter where you are in the world, they are always caring about you, wondering if you are okay, and hoping that you are safe. When Nick and Elizabeth discovered their daughters had switched places they were not angry, they were elated that they got to spend time with the one child who they had always wondered about. It also taught me how to pull ridiculously crazy pranks, some groovy dance moves, that I am not the only person who constantly craves peanut butter and Oreos, and that summer camp is not the most boring place to be, especially if there is a possibility of you finding your long-lost twin.


  3. 3. Shrek 

    Shrek, possibly the greatest movie of our time, taught me that everyone deserves love. Donkey realized this, and that is why he was able to look past Shrek’s green skin and grotesque physical features to join him on his quest for justice. It also taught me the value of inner beauty, and that being different is not scary because it makes you unique and memorable. I’m sure the guests at the Duloc wedding will never forget Princess Fiona’s transformation from a drop-dead gorgeous bride-to-be into an Ogre in a wedding dress. Cue Billie Eilish’s ‘You Should See Me In A Crown’.


  4. 4. High School Musical

    High School Musical taught me that not owning up to people’s expectations of you does not make you a failure. The only person you have to make proud is yourself. After all, Troy was meant to be the basketball star and get a scholarship to college to please his dad, but he found a passion for musical theatre. In the end, he was able to do both, get the girl of his dreams, and become a well-rounded and empowered person. The movie did, however, shatter my expectations of what high school would be. No roof-top dancing, no flash-mob style dancing on the basketball court, and no summer jobs by the pool. Although I was lucky enough to land my crush, perform in many school plays, and have my own zany drama teacher like Ms Darbus.


  5. 5. Aquamarine

    Aquamarine taught me that love is the most powerful force connecting people in relationships, be it friendships or romantic encounters. When Claire was able to overcome her fear of water by jumping in the ocean with Hailey to save Aqua’s life, I learned how powerful pure love can be. It can save you, heal you, and empower you to become a stronger person. It also taught me it can be better to have a few close friends rather than a big group of popular friends. I also realized how much I desperately need a pair of talking starfish earrings and a shellphone.