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2018 vows to be the year of change, whether it promises political rigour or a new-age womxn empowerment. The geo-political climate around the world still soars to new heights of tension and the war against sexual harassment and abuse still remains as relevant as ever. In the midst of all this, womxn from all around the world have launched a global petition to end the battle of sexual abuse, over borders both tangible and invisible. The Times Up Now campaign, powered by the influential game changers of Hollywood Women, have embodied their struggles against the patriarchy and power imbalance.


Times Up Now is a platform for all womxn from various backgrounds who wish to be this generation’s ‘Silence Breakers’. It is more than a silent war against  the sexual indignation of womxn, it’s a voracious upheaval of eras worth of throttled emotions and reactions that are yet to solidify themselves in the world. Oprah Winfrey’s powerful speech at the 2018 Golden Globes focused on building a foundation of both men and womxn to fight discrimination and the battle of power and gender roles.


Times Up Now is more than a campaign. It is the break in that tall wall around abused womxn across nations, islands and even unto unseen territories. The scenery of social apathy and apologetic justification of ills have culminated into the rampant field of violence, brutality and discrimination against minorities in all parts of the world. Let this year be the beginning of a revolution that is not only heard but felt. In the corners of the dark alleys of villages where abuse is prevalent, on the other side of walls in apartments where womxn cries are hushed away and on the roads in the major metropolitan cities, where the severe objectification and commodification of minorities have been regulated to be a culture so divine.

Times Up Now, the clock is ticking. It marks a time to let our conscience take the gear.


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