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Have you ever invested time and effort into watching a series with so many seasons, waiting for an ending that is “wow”, but end up with one that has you saying, “I’m sorry but what?!” Well, if the answer is 'yes' then this is for you. Also, this has MAJOR spoilers for Pretty Little Liars, Gossip Girl, Teen Wolf and Gilmore Girls.


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Pretty Little Liars

Firstly, Pretty Little Liars - where to even start? I was a loyal watcher of PLL since the show first aired in 2010 until the finale in 2017. I can say that to this day, 3 years later, that we did not deserve that ending. After 7 years of trying to keep up with 10 different ‘A’ conspiracies, who is related to who, horrible deaths, breakups, betrayal and coming back from the dead, even finally figuring who ‘A’ was (although it was all crammed into one episode) - we end up with THAT ending? Okay, I will admit that the reveal of Cece being ‘A’ felt like closure. But, the ending just shot all of that down the drain. Spencer’s twin? Spencer’s twin dating Wren? A twin of a dead mom? All of that was too much. Also, who agreed to let Caleb date Spencer and then Toby get engaged only to end up MAYBE dating Spencer at the end? Please do not come at me for saying this, but I feel like the Alison and Emily story line was a bit rushed seeing as Emily was with Paige closer to the end of the show.

Gossip Girl

Let us take a look at Gossip Girl. So… DAN?! We have got to believe that the original story line was supposed to be someone else because almost ALL of the story lines prove that this is just impossible. Just thinking about all that time I invested into this show only for Gossip Girl to be DAN?! In my honest opinion, I feel anyone would have been a more believable Gossip Girl than Dan. But who knows, it was probably the fact that he was Gossip Girl that got him to star in You.

Teen Wolf

Next is Teen Wolf and yes, I know “the ending was so good, what are you talking about?” This might be an unpopular opinion, but the first half ending was the most beautiful and perfect ending. Part B was just not as appealing. It ended with the weirdest group from the show. The only people that it made sense to have in it was Scott, Stiles, Lydia, Derek and maybe Malia. But I am going to say the thing we are all thinking: could they have not had Alison’s ghost, or something walk at the end with them?  I am not going to lie, I loved Scott with Malia and Stiles with Lydia. But while I love that Stiles and Lydia ended up together, I think the worst thing the writers did was pairing Scott and Malia because that just made no sense.

Gilmore Girls

Lastly, I will be talking about a show that, regardless of how old it is, will always be timeless to me (quick Hairspray reference): Gilmore Girls. But the ending I will be referring to is the Netflix special. While more episodes were definitely needed after the abrupt original ending, the special gave us all more questions than answers and closure. Especially after the revelation made by Rory at the end.

Well that’s my opinion on some shows that deserved better finales and I’m sure I missed a ton, but honestly, if I wrote about more then this article would not end…trust me.

“Until the colour of your skin is the target, you will never understand”- Angela Davis ✊?✊?✊?
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