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Press Play! 4 Podcasts That Ease the Morning Commute

In life, there are few things that most people can agree on, but one of them is definitely that – everyone hates morning traffic. Period. I most certainly share that sentiment, but ever since discovering the world of podcasts, I no longer dread the morning commute!

There is something about voice that is really special to me. It speaks to the essence of a person. When this is combined with someone who is a really connected interviewer – someone that can create a safe space and an intimate repour – I feel transported. I may as well be lifted out of morning traffic and be sitting in the room, listening to a conversation between close friends. That is what makes good podcast for me!

So, here is my current list of my four favourite podcasts that lift me out of morning traffic. One thing that all of these podcasts have in common is that they are all hosted by phenomenal womxn. They make me feel validated, inspired, motivated and ready for the day. Enjoy!

“Hey, Girl” by Alex Elle

“Hey, Girl” was one of the first podcasts I ever listened to, and it is still one of my favourites – especially for a Monday morning. Aside from being an author and posting beautiful affirmations on her Instagram, Alex Elle is a wonderful interviewer. Her podcast is essentially a place where she interviews phenomenal womxn that she admires on how they traverse life, love, work and self-care. Somehow, despite all of their accolades, she uncovers the most vulnerable and human parts of the womxn she interviews. I love hearing the origin stories of women doing amazing (and diverse) things that I aspire to, while still feeling so connected to them through our common human struggles, insecurities and journeys.

Favourite episode: Revisiting Angel on Knowing and Trusting the Journey

“The Naked Beauty Podcast” with Brooke DeVard

On the topic of self-care, Brooke DeVard’s podcast is all about it! She makes you feel like you are sitting in a room with your best friends, wearing facemasks and talking about life – that’s the energy everyone wants to channel in Tuesday morning traffic, right?! “Naked Beauty” is all about Brooke DeVard interviewing women she admires, while they talk beauty trends, wellness trips and style, intertwined with the journeys of how they came to be.

Favourite episode: Trust the Timing of Your Life Ft Madison Utendahl

“Wardrobe Crisis” with Clare Press

Clare Press is the sustainability editor of VOGUE Australia, and her podcast covers all things sustainable fashion. As she interviews some of the most influential people in the arena of sustainable fashion, they delve into the biggest issues facing the fashion industry and the effects that this has on people and on the planet. What I love about Claire is that she asks all the questions I want to know the answer to, and she isn’t afraid to ask the tough questions too. This podcast teaches me so much about my relationship with the planet, my relationship with fashion, and about ethical and sustainable business practices.

Favourite episode: Ep. 96 – Are you Represented? Sara Ali on fashion, colonialism and inclusion

“Girlboss Radio” with Sophia Amoruso

Sophia Amoruso is the founder and CEO of Girlboss, and on this podcast she interviews womxn who are forging their way forward in their careers. The conversations are honest and inspiring as the womxn share what it takes to build a business and maintain a career, all amidst the continuous curveballs that life throws at us. Their stories expose me to an endless amount of creative potential and inspire the entrepreneur in me. They put a fire in my step as I channel my inner girl boss and stride into my 8am lecture!

Favourite episode: Is ‘niche’ the future of – everything? With Gina Bianchini of Mighty Networks

These are the podcasts that keep me grounded and get me through the week. I hope you give them a listen and that they do the same for you.

I am a third-year Multimedia Journalism student at UCT. I'm also the Chairperson and Correspondent of Her Campus UCT. Working with my amazing executive team, each day, makes me feel like I'm living out my childhood dream of being the Editor in Chief of a magazine! I'm passionate about sustainable development, with a particular focus on sustainable fashion, and I hope to be able to work in that innovative industry one day. I'm an advocate for slow living, and an ambitious introvert trying to find my way in the world. A dip in the ocean, or a walk in the mountain, are the two things that bring me the most peace.
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