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How to Be Your Most Productive Self

I think it’s safe to say that if you’re a student, you have had some struggles with your productivity. Sometimes you can feel so run down and demotivated that your tasks and responsibilities just look like added, unnecessary stress. Or, you can’t seem to concentrate on something no matter how hard you try. You can be sitting in the library, textbooks open, highlighters out, pen ready, but you just can’t get any work done. We’ve all been there. So, if you need some tips on how to be your most productive self, take a look at the suggestions below:


  1. Make a list

Jotting down all the things you need to get done is a really effective way of managing your stress about your responsibilities. It also makes everything a lot easier to remember. Not to mention, crossing each task off the list as you complete it is so satisfying.

2. Diarise

I have kept a diary every year since primary school and it makes remembering deadlines and important dates so much easier. A great way to make the most of your diary is investing in those little colourful bookmarks that stick out on the page to colour code your deadlines according to subject or importance.

3. Plan your day in advance

A great way of ensuring that you have enough time to complete a task is by setting aside a specific time in your day to tackle that specific task. During this time, devote all your attention to this task and once you’ve completed it, move onto the next one.

4. Set goals

Much like making a to-do list, setting goals helps you to prioritise and manage your stress. Setting goals can help you to put each task or responsibility in perspective, showing you how they fit together in the greater scheme of things. However, don’t beat yourself up about not achieving a goal. Rather, take it as a learning opportunity and a chance for you to improve on what you may have done wrong. If you have achieved a goal, remember to congratulate yourself and acknowledge your hard work.

5. Find a balance

Remember that your own physical and mental health should always be a priority, so while you dedicate time to academics or completing other tasks, you should also set aside time for breaks and to take care of yourself. During these breaks, try to avoid spending the whole time on social media or watching your fav TV show. Rather use this time to relax and recuperate. Have a cup of tea, listen to some music, put on a face mask and allow yourself to unwind. Another good idea would be to step outside for some fresh air and a change of environment.

Hopefully, these suggestions have given you some motivation to go on and get your productive juices flowing. Put on your study playlist and go and tackle that to-do list. I believe in you!

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