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Harry Styles’s album announcement and new single: Why does everyone adore Harry so much?

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The 19th of March was an exciting day for Harry fans when a mysterious Instagram page popped up. In his usual fashion, Harry teased some hints which eventually turned into a full-blown announcement of not only his new highly anticipated album but also a single drop. Said album, entitled Harry’s House, will be dropping on May 20th and is arguably one of his most anticipated albums with the new single, As It Was, giving fans an incredible taste of what’s to come. With the release of this potentially record-breaking album and the incredible success of his two previous albums, HS1 and Fine Line, he has arguably made himself one of the most popular and successful members of the former boy band, One Direction (I still fully believe it’s just a “hiatus”). 

So why does everyone adore Harry so much?

It is clear Harry Styles is a successful celebrity – just in this past week alone, As it was has become his most successful debut to date and has topped various charts across the globe. Such achievements along with, not one, but two sold out solo album tours, a Grammy and two Brit Awards to his name, it is evident Harry is a musical genius who knows how to sing a chord or two. But this isn’t all. Not only is Harry a talented musician, but he’s also a decent actor.

His first, but certainly not last, role on the big screen came through the lens of infamous director, Christopher Nolan, in the war film Dunkirk. This film went on to win multiple awards for its success. After his first stellar performance on the big screen, Harry is now set to make a reappearance in the film Don’t Worry Darling, which is surely going to be an incredible watch based on the trailers (which if you haven’t seen, I highly suggest you stop reading this and do so!) 

Therefore, it is abundantly clear that Harry is a multitalented double threat, but this is not the only reason he’s adored by so many. His second studio album consisted of a song entitled Treat People with Kindness – words that have quickly becomes Harry’s motto. But as we all know, without action words mean nothing and it is for this reason Harry is adored. He takes action, something many celebrities in the industry choose not to. 

This action is seen in his keen interest in important human rights movements such as BLM, where he was spotted on numerous occasions educating himself, engaging with activists spearheading the movement and playing an active role in demonstrations across the US. However his action did not stop there. From the first day of his first tour, Harry ensured his concerts and music were a safe space and truly created pleasure and love for all.

Additionally, Harry also appeals to the fashion lovers of the world via his completely fluid wardrobe which does well to represent his personality and character, as an individual who is open to anything and everything. With this unique fashion sense beginning in his One Direction days and being on full show during the first tour, Live on Tour, it was only fitting he made history by becoming the first male to appear on the cover of Vogue – in a dress – an outfit that raised many eyebrows. He knew this would cause a reaction, but despite this, he did so to show that fashion is about expressing ourselves and that there should be no restraints, regardless of who are or what we identify as. 

From these few examples and a clear piece of me fangirling over Harry, it is so clear that there is so much substance behind just the pretty face with a good singing voice. I hope this piece has shown you some of the reasons why Harry Edward Styles is adored by so many. 

Hey! My name is Lekia Collene Thaver (lct) and I am a 3rd year BA student majoring in Psychology, English and Sociology a combination that continually challenges my thought processes about the world and the people in it. My free time is spent writing about anything and everything and when I am not lost in my imagination, I am watching fast cars go around in oddly shaped circles or I'm exploring new places in and around Cape Town with my friends and family.