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Guide to Spirituality: How to raise your spiritual frequency

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“Never have I dealt with anything more difficult than my own soul.”

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Spirituality can be a series of blissful, dreadful, joyful, and painful moments. Throughout these events we are constantly undergoing significant changes that may be subtle or, often, quite obvious manifesting as panic attacks, depersonalisation, or depression. Our perceptions, thoughts, emotions, personalities, and relationships are highly susceptible to these changes so we will need to adopt ways to navigate our way to and through our spiritual journeys.

Who are you?

I think it’s best to start defining, for yourself, what spirituality means for you as an individual part of the collective. I am sure that we have come across countless definitions and explanations of spirituality so formulate or pick definitions and descriptions which best serve your journey.

What makes spirituality so unique, and a bit of rebel, compared to religion is that spirituality is a complex process that originates from the soul. Now for the big follow up question “What is the soul?” If I were to answer that I would be attempting to define who you are from my perspective which blocks you from discovering your true essence. Morph truthful answers to the questions that emanate from you. You wouldn’t ask the question if you did not already have the answer. This can be done a bit more practically through journaling or depicting your thoughts and feelings into drawings or paintings; become as creative as you are called to be!


As we learn deeper truths about ourselves and others, it can get overwhelming especially when we do not have pathways to re-direct or alchemize these dense truths. Meditation is one of the most commonly “prescribed” methods of guiding the course of your spiritual journey and raising its frequency. There are numerous forms of meditation that can be done in various settings, times and within groups or solo. My personal favourite is nightly deep trance meditation which not only relaxes my “monkey mind” but also provides deep relaxation to my body. So explore, change, or continue incorporating cycles of meditation in your life that help you ground your energy and raise the frequency of your vibrations.

Breath and body work are tangible and potent ways to embodying the divine. There are various types of breath work practices ranging from fast-paced intense breathing to deep, slow belly breaths that calm the mind and relax the body. Breath work can be used in conjunction to bodywork which is also a form of deep body relaxation comprising of deep tissue massages, self-massage or the cheapest alternative, deep hugs from your loved ones! The combination or single use of these techniques helps to ground your spiritual awakening into your body so that it does not get stuck in the mind or entangled in your daily thoughts.

“Some days I am more wolf than woman and I am still learning how to stop apologising for my wild.”

Nikita Gill

Nature is an amazing guide to the growth of spirituality. Immersing yourself in nature can be done in a variety of ways; sun-basking (with some environment-friendly sunscreen though), moon gazing, tree hugging (literally!) walking along the beach, hiking, and many more creative ways of being held by mother nature’s warm embrace. Connecting to nature is a powerful way of re-connecting with ourselves, allowing us to see the Earth as an extension of who we truly are.

Crystals, essential oils, and incense are fantastic tools to raising your spiritual frequency. Each type of crystal and oil has different properties and benefits suited to your specific needs for example rose quartz for love, relationships and friendships, and lavender oil known commonly for its stress reducing effects. Incense has been used for centuries in religious and cultural gatherings across the globe during ceremonies and prayers to bring us closer to unity consciousness. You can only imagine how potent of a tool it must be in raising spiritual frequency!

In conclusion i.e., another beginning

Take your spiritual journey as it comes. The above suggestions are exactly that; simple suggestions that can be appreciated or discarded if they do not resonate with you.

The journey begins, ends, and begins again with you.

Keep in mind that your soul is a river; rivers wind and bend, always flowing where a path is created.

Tiido M.

"But worry not. She will find happiness in the end."
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