Five Styles You'll See On Campus

I'm sure we can all agree that UCT students take their fashion seriously. We, as students, dress to impress and each of our individual styles adds to the flair and je ne sais quoi of who we are.

We´ve decided to compile a list of the 5 styles you´ll see on campus, just for fun!


1. Sloffies and shorts

 This person loves their easy-going, surfer vibe and will be caught wearing shorts and sloffies come rain or shine… no matter what. 



2. Sport luxe

Permy at the gym... this person will be caught in gym gear turned casual, flaunting everything from the latest sneakers and joggers in all colours. Don't forget that hoodie too, it's a staple.

[Source: Pinterest]

Source: Pinterest

3. Vintage revivalists

From berets and mom jeans; tweed jackets, Doc Martens to the 80s-rain-jacket, this individual brings vintage back with style and channels the spectrum of the 20th century. Oh and lets not forget the comeback of the fanny pack, it screams throwback!


[Source: PInterest]

4. Clout goggle clan

 Fila, Adidas, off-the-shoulder bomber jackets, clout goggles, black old school vans and fisherman beanies. Need we say more? The clout goggle clan have created a style of their own that oozes millennial cool.


[Source tictail  (left) and  LookBook(right)]


5. Hippie Lane

From barefoot and happy to rocking dreads or grown out locks, the earthy kids will be walking around campus in their pastel coloured cotton shirts and beaded ankle bracelets...definitely the optimisation of an easy-going way of life.


[Source: Pinterest]


So whether you fit into one of the above groups, are a mixture of more than one or create your own category...campus is our runway and we love to flaunt our individual styles. You can honestly wear anything on campus, no matter how quirky or different...all you need is the confidence to flaunt it!