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Easy Ways for You and Your Wallet to go Green

Climate change is real and happening faster than ever. So what can you, as a student with a limited budget, do to help? Here are 8 tips to go slightly greener that won’t break your budget and might actually end up saving you a few rands.


1. Buy a reusable water bottle

A plastic bottle of water uses up 3 times the amount of water to create than the amount of water it holds. Even worse, most plastic bottles aren’t recycled – leading to them contributing towards landfills or ending up in the ocean. Buying a reusable water bottle will save you money in the long run because you will never have to buy water. Also, you get to hydrate in style, as most water bottles come in an array of designs and colours.


2. Buy a glass or metal reusable straw

Straws, like plastic bottles, aren’t great for the environment and contribute towards your carbon footprint. So say no to the straw, just drink from the glass. Alternatively, if you’re a fan of straws (like I am), you can buy a reusable straw made from glass or metal. They are available at most wellness stores in shopping centres.


3. Take a travel mug to your nearest coffee shop

Paper cups also harm the environment. If you regularly buy hot beverages, bringing your own mug is a way to avoid this. Coffee shops will love you for it and may give you a tiny discount on the price of your morning java because it saves them money too (yay for you and the planet!).



Bring Your Own Bags, that is. Save money on buying plastic shopping bags by bringing your own, and also feel good about yourself because you’re saving the planet.


5. Go meatless once or twice a week

Going meat free once or twice a week is good for your pocket, good for your health, and good for the planet. It takes 2 400 litres of water to make one hamburger – that’s equal to 53 three-minute showers. Personally, I’d rather have the showers.


6. Take Notes Electronically

Can’t remember where you put your notebook with your notes for the big test tomorrow? This probably wouldn’t happen if you typed them and save them to the cloud. Save paper this way and enter the wonderful world of CTRL+F.


7. Turn it off!

Leaving a room? Turn off the light and be sure to power down all electronics when you’re not using them. P.S. your electricity bill will thank you too.


8. Shorter Showers

If you live in Cape Town in 2018, need I say more? P.S. baths are a cardinal sin.

Want to know what your carbon footprint is? Follow this link: www.carbonfootprint.com/measure


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