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A Day in the Life of a UCT Student

Writer’s note: I am a Bachelor of Arts students majoring in Film & Television Studies and Media & Writing – this is just specifically my day, but obviously days between different students differ.


My day as a UCT student starts early. I wake up just so I can get an early Jammie Shuttle right up to campus. The parking on campus is often a jam packed nightmare so you’ll most likely never find a parking spot. We have ‘Jammie Shuttles’ that have various stops around our satellite campuses and other spots close by where you can hop on and off for free as a UCT student to get everywhere you’d possibly need to go.

Days are filled with lectures upon lectures. Racing from one tutorial group to another. There are seminars, meetings, and study groups, but most importantly, there has to be coffee. However, a perk is that our campus is absolutely gorgeous. Especially now that we’re hitting Autumn, the walls, covered with ivy, are glowing the most beautiful red and orange colours.

If you have a free period or two, students love to chill to Jammie Plaza to absorb some good South African sun shine rays. Once a week, a chosen club and society gets to put on something fun on Jammie Plaza. We’ve had concerts, political demonstrations, or even free milkshakes somehow end up making their way on campus for us to enjoy.

If you’d prefer quiet spots, the Oppenheimer Library is the best place to catch up work (or even your favourite series). The huge cubicles, couches, and private study rooms are the best place to zone out on the world and zone in on your work.

If you have a big enough break, a Jammie ride down to The Labia, right in the middle of the CBD in Cape Town, might be the best treat for you. The Labia is an old fashioned theatre where students can watch films at a much cheaper cost. Except some arty, deep, emotional and Oscar winning level type films only (aka, the best of the best).

When the sky starts changing colours, you know it’s probably time to stop the long chats with friends at the coffee shops on campus or put the books down and head out the library…only to get home and start a whole new assignment.


Caroline works at one of South Africa's top magazines while also finishes off her triple major in Multimedia Production, Media & Writing, and Film Studies at UCT. Caroline  is passionate about finding fantastic, everyday people's stories, collaborating with kick-ass women, and all things lifestyle journalism. Caroline is an intersectional feminist, yogi, and is always looking to learn something new.
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