Cutting Your Own Hair

One of my girls recently asked me to cut her hair. After spending close to R2000 at a hair salon and leaving dissatisfied, she'd made the decision to ask one of her friends to do some damage control. I was this friend. I must say I commend her for her bravery; a woman and her hair... need I say more? Your hair can either be the brunt of your day or the cause of much confidence! But what happens when you're like my friend and decide to do an at-home haircut instead of forking out a small fortune to get that perfect cut?

Let's talk about money!

Let's be honest, getting that perfect colour, cut or blow-dry can put a rather deep hole in your pocket (cue eating Salticrax for the next month or so). Cutting your own hair may be the solution to saving money and, when done right, beautiful tresses too!

I've got skills!

If you're a natural then yes, but for most of us, a little bit of guidance is definitely needed. Thanks to YouTube and blogs, everyone can learn skills in almost any activity. There are a ton of hair tutorial channels and blogs out there, so you can pick and choose! We just wish they'd be more inclusive of all hair types though... so be sure to look for hair tutorials for your hair type or consult a professional, as the last thing you'd want is to end up with unwanted results meant for a hair type different to yours.


  • Invest in a good pair of hair cutting scissors. This doesn't need to break the bank, those shears just need to be sharp enough to prevent ragged edges and stop-start cutting due to bluntness. DIY Natural advises you to, "remember: investing in good tools to help save money and increase your sustainable living skills is always wise".

  • The Right hairstyles says that curly haired ladies should cut hair when dry and straight-haired ladies when wet. Any curly-haired lady knows the struggle of bob turned pixie cut when that fresh-do bounces up a couple of centimetres... #shrinkage.

  • Cut vertically to reduce bulk

  • Do not underestimate the power of the scrunchy/pom-pom/hair tie: hair ties are perfect for sectioning hair, and a ton of self-hairstyling tutorials suggest making ponytails and going from there

  • DO NOT OVER-CUT! Less is more in this case; you can always cut your hair shorter if you aren't yet satisfied with the length!