Breaking Generational Curses

No family is perfect. As much as we are sold the perfect family on the movies we watch, there is no truth to it. Each of us has secrets to keep and curses to break. Family curses are reoccurring problems that steal, kill, and destroy. It can affect the partners we choose and the friends we have. It stems from what we experience in our childhood. It is often said that what we experience in our formative years is what we become. This is how generational curses continue. 

If you want to break the curse, here are a few steps that can help you:

  1. 1. Identify the negative pattern and squash it

    In almost every problem solving methodology, the first step is defining or identifying the problem. It is the most difficult and the most important of all the steps. It involves diagnosing the situation so that the focus is on the real problem and not on its symptoms. Look at your family tree, ask questions about your family history. The “generational curse” is a reoccurrence within your family. Identify the exact problem and work from there.

  2. 2. Seek help from a trained professional

    Not everyone can afford professional help or are knowledgeable on where to seek it. At UCT we have access to student counselling at an affordable price. If the situation has escalated and begun to impose on your academics, this step is crucial. The fees usually range from R20 –R150 a session and students on financial aid are not charged. Look at what your university or college has to offer. If you are not a student, try local clinics.

  3. 3. Actively break the curse

    As an example, let’s use commitment issues and fear as the generational curse we will be actively trying to break. Under this curse, one is easily overcome by dark thoughts when one is happy with a partner. We often tend to push away because we have put up a wall. The fear comes from witnessing those close to us being hurt. This triggers people to become self-destructive in their relationship. In this condition, a person has a continual inner struggle, internal warfare, and frustration.  

    Think before reacting. Remember that not everyone is trying to hurt you, but rather we have to go through tough things in life in order to learn from them. Slowly break down those walls of insecurity. Once we know the pattern, we can actively stop making self-destructing decisions.


I hope these 3 steps help you Identify and seek help to break your generational curse. We do have the power to stop it once we identify the problem and then actively break it down.