All Hail Goddesses!

One of the most common ways to find role models who inspire us is through the arts, films and culture. So it would not be wrong to deem that power that lies on reel, gives us real feels! Be it as a celebrity or as an ordinary person, we all feel the struggle of this society as it grows implicitly into regression although we have long stepped into the ‘modern era’. I have put together a list of my personal favorite womxn who have earned their respect rightfully; they embody themselves and that is what is the most inspiring trait they could impart to us:


1. Frida Kahlo

Ah Frida, what a womxn! From the proudly imperfect artist to the assertive humxn, she resonates with the era of rediscovering the essence of feminism and expressionism. Whether it was her own self-portraits or her work surrounding other womxn and the revival of Mexican art, Kahlo had personalized her passion into her identity; something that is inseparable to her entirety. She was wholesome, fluid and opposed to any sort of stagnancy in life that suppressed her distinction. And that is what inspires me about her: she was headstrong and was not deterred by the several crises she faced. She validated herself, and that is empowering on its own.

2. Oprah Winfrey

The wealthiest African American womxn in the world, I would believe she should be more estimated for her incredible and incalculable contributions to the collective betterment of the lives of underprivileged girls, rather than her billions. She does not subscribe to any norm that encourages womxn’s success, rather she infuses the norm to imbibe the ethics of transforming society so that we are own pillars of strength. Winfrey is defiant in the world of media as she shines as her own voice which is arguably one of the most heard. A force to be reckoned with, I idolize her on many fronts but it is her humanity that is the most relatable.

3. Vidya Balan

Bollywood is the busiest movie industry in the world, churning out thousands of movies every year to turnovers that could reimburse the whole of India! But one face thst stands out for me in the competitive and ‘beauty’ obsessed world of Bollywood is Vidya Balan. The 39 year old actress is a non-conformist, a personification of talent and a strong womxn. I admire her for many things: for the numerous, relatable roles she has done in films, her approach to glamour and her humanized portrayals. However, she stands out because she is all of us! I believe we have moved past the synthetic props and the artificial glitter in rekindling characters that do not require glamour at all. She does just that, she revives her dignity in being human - her biggest role is that she brings in the vitality of being in our own skin.

4. Arundhati Roy

The more I say, the less I feel is attributed to her. I fell in love with her words, how big of an impact her small words could have on little me. Her first book The God of Small Things had an indescribable effect on the literary world, winning the 1997 Man-Booker prize. What illustrates her diverse range of work is their common ground for reality, one that surpasses her prose for fiction. Her stories and characters are all portrayed in the most authentic of methods. She does not write to impress, she writes to tell a vast array of imagination. An imagination so real, it inscribes our souls to conform to only what we hold dear. Roy in many ways carries the elegance of a post-colonial author, capturing the accuracy of the lingering of colonialism on multi-ethnic societies, her home country India being a backdrop of both her novels. The chaos in her work is evidence of how she arranges her characters in the most unconventional ways. She was an inspiration for me to write, and I am excited to include her on my list.

5. Serena Williams

No list is complete without mentioning this Goddess, on and off the court. This phenomenal womxn exuberates grace, power and determination fiercely. Arguably the most successful female tennis player in history, Serena is more than the professional sportswoman. She compels us to aspire to be more than what we perceive ourselves to be. Moreover, she is a successful business person with her own fashion label and she’s a devoted mother. She does not require labels or titles to feel content and complete - none of us ought to need to feel complete with external validation. And that is what is unique about her, after the uncountable accolades, she is humble yet defiant and strong-willed.

Being a womxn itself is an extraordinary experience, we do not really need a subscription of any sort that legitimizes our excellence and commitment to being true to ourselves. Don’t let anyone belittle how strong we are, and we ought to celebrate our solidarity in the most divine way there is.