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That ’90s Show: Delightful Doses of Nostalgia!

I think it's safe to say that the '90s was quite an era, giving us some of the most peculiar yet iconic things; influencing our daily lives still today. From fashion, to music, pop culture and even the technology; the ‘90s is that one crush we just can’t seem to shake. 



Here are some of the things that defined the era:



1. Video shops  

Who could forget that feeling of excitement while heading to your local Mr Video, hoping the movie you're dying to see is available to rent? Netflix could never.


2. Floppy Disks  

To think people actually stored information on something that resembles a coaster! Those were some dark times, man.



3. Playstation/TV games  

Who can forget blowing on the video game cartridge when it had stopped working?



4. Arcade games  

Visiting your local corner shop to play ‘Street Fighter’, could turn an average day into an unforgettable one.


5. Welcoming the World Wide Web  

Gotta thank the '90s for creating the one thing we can't seem to live without these days: our Beloved Internet.  



6. Fashion trends

It’s no secret that '90s fashion is still being incorporated into so many modern-day trends.

Mom jeans, bold prints, beat-up sneakers, tank tops over tees, dungarees, baggy tracksuit pants, colourful framed sunglasses – reminding us that this era's fashion influence shows no signs of slowing down.

(Honestly, I dress more like a '90s kid in 2019 than I ever did in the ‘90s).



7. From questionable to cool  

Now you know it wouldn't be nineties nostalgia without mentioning denim on denim; the good-ol’ Canadian Tuxedo. While it was frowned upon before, the trend is certainly making a comeback and has been normalised.  

The same can be said for fanny packs/ moonbags and even dad shoes (we sure aren't letting the 2000's babies take the credit for these).



8. Hairstyles  

I just know some of you rocked crimped hair, it's okay. The spikey bleach-blonde tips and Justin Timberlake-esque noodle hair was all the rave too. Thank goodness that's over.  

I will say, scrunchies, colourful pins and butterfly are still the cutest.



9. The small screen

The '90s meant some of the best and most unforgettable sitcoms of all time.

Seinfeld, The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, Everybody Loves Raymond, Full House, Friends, Beverly Hills and 90210; it sure was a good time to be entertained.

The best part? Not easily being able to binge watch episodes meant you actually got excited to watch them when they aired.



10. Yes, another teen movie!

Typical teenage ‘cheerleader-jock-girl-next-door-love-triangle’ type movies that we love to hate. Or love to love. Who am I kidding? Those things are addictive.

From Clueless, She's All That, Cruel Intentions to 10 Things I Hate About You, there sure is an extensive list of movies to thank the the '90s for.



11. Animated movies

Disney and Pixar really snapped with their movie releases too. We were blessed with The Lion King, Toy Story, Mulan, Aladdin and Pocahontas, to name a few.

Space Jam deserves an honourable mention (it counts!)



12. Boy bands and girl bands

Before One Direction, Brockhampton and BTS, there was Backstreet Boys, NSYNC and Boys II Men. Before Little Mix and BlackPink, was Destiny's Child and Spice Girls and TLC.



13. ‘90s Hip-Hop and RnB

Aging like fine wine, these genres are still huge crowd pleasers.


14. A good time for grunge  

The ‘90s gave us some great Grunge and Brit Pop Bands. Think Foo Fighters, Pearl Jam, Oasis, Coldplay and Keane.



15. Oh Baby, Baby

Britney, Christina, Brandy, Kylie, Toni, Aaliyah; we loved seeing (and hearing) our songstresses soar.    



16. Celebrity couples  

Britney and Justin, Winona and Johnny, Will and Jada (yay), Brad and Jennifer (Aniston), Ben and Jennifer (Lopez), Kurt and Courtney; this era definitely wasn't short of some interesting pairings.



17. The Macarena  

'90s cheesiness at its finest.  


18. Tamagotchis

Nothing teaches you the art of true responsibility like taking care of Tamagotchi pets, obviously.


19. Pokémon

It was more than just a TV show, Pokémon was a lifestyle. It meant entertainment every day after school.

"Gotta catch ‘em all!”



20. Y2K  panic

Remember that time everyone was freaking out about the start of a new century? Ha! Well look at us now…. Freaking out about literally everything else.


Ah, can we get the ‘90s back?

Love good puns and good coffee; horrible at making both. Art and cute dog memes are my favourite part of being alive.
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