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10 Tweets to Help Every Feminist Get Through Their Day

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UCT chapter.

There’s no doubt that feminists* are possibly the most amazing, intelligent, and hilarious people on the planet. I mean, when life is the biggest joke to you after years of constant trauma, negligence, disregard and disrespect, it’s lovely to start making jokes to ease the pain with your fellow marginalised voices. Here’s something that’ll get you through the hell of the patriarchy (maybe just for a couple of minutes)

1. Right back at ya


2. Don’t fight us on this one. When you’ve been harassed on the regular, you learn these things. Unfortunately, it’s one of the special skills we wish we never had to learn.


3. We’re warriors.


4. I’m a strong independent womxn who don’t need no man. Seriously though, I’m good with my sisters…you can go home now.


5. Ya’ll crazy patriarchy fanboys have done the kitchen a dirty by making it the space in the house where inferior beings belong. Don’t you know the kitchen contains all the food? Idiots.


6. Could they try be helpful for a change or are they always a waste of oxygen?​


7.Just call me the next Virgin Mary, everyone! Where’s our statues and century long worship?


  8. IT’S NOT THAT ATTRACTIVE. GET CONSENT. There’s a “block” button and I’m not afraid to use it.


9. Friendly reminder that there’s no wrong way to ‘womxn’. If you’re a womxn, and define yourself as such, you merely existing, being, and breathing is a correct way of being a womxn. Congratulations.


10. And finally, a cute sketch and reminder for any “Not All Men” characters who stumbled in here. 


* If your feminism isn’t intersectional and inclusive of trans folk, non-binary folk, womxn of colour, or folks with disabilities, then it’s not feminism. Get with it or get out.

Caroline works at one of South Africa's top magazines while also finishes off her triple major in Multimedia Production, Media & Writing, and Film Studies at UCT. Caroline  is passionate about finding fantastic, everyday people's stories, collaborating with kick-ass women, and all things lifestyle journalism. Caroline is an intersectional feminist, yogi, and is always looking to learn something new.
Co-founder and former correspondent for Her Campus at The University of Cape Town. Two-time graduate of the University of Cape Town holding a Bachelor of Social Sciences and Bachelor of Arts Honours specialising in Media Theory and Practice. Currently working towards my MA in Media Theory and Practice.  My name also kind of sounds like the chorus to September by Earth, Wind and Fire and once you hear it, it can't be unheard.