Your Guide to Thrifting in San Diego

We all know that being a college student is difficult on your pocket. Balancing school, food, and fun can be a challenge. Thrifting is a great way to score unique, often vintage clothes and accessories without busting the bank, and the process in itself is fun too. Here’s a list of my favorite thrifting spots in San Diego:



1.) Hunt and Gather, North Park: Located in the trendy neighborhood of North Park, this little shop features a tastefully curated selection of vintage finds.  Their selection of leather jackets, silk kimonos, and high waisted-everything is unparalleled.  They even offer a discount during festival season!  


2.) Frock You, North Park:  Take a trip back in time at Frock You; this funky boutique will bring you back to styles from the 1920’s to the present day.  A true vintage store, this shop has an outdoor extension in the back with their pieces organized by decade.


3.) 5th Avenue, Hillcrest:  While this is not a store per se, 5th Avenue in Hillcrest is home to several thrift stores such as Lost and Found Recycled Clothing, Buffalo Exchange, and Flashbacks.  Each of these stores has their own unique feel and selection, not to mention that they’re surrounded by bookstores and coffee shops worth popping into.


4.) Thrift Trader, Pacific Beach:  While this store is not only home to many a gem waiting to be found, they also have a small, but choice selection of records.  They even have a record player that you can use to listen to each on before buying.  For the music enthusiasts, this might be the place for you.