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Why You Need to Go See The Lego Movie- Now!

Collegiettes, it’s time to embrace your inner child!

The Lego Movie is now in theaters, and before you roll your eyes at how immature that sounds, let me tell you something! This movie is genuinely good, and surely deserves a chance before being written off as “just for kids.”

The Lego Movie revolves around the protagonist, Emmett, as he transforms from just another cog in the machine to a guy who holds the fate of the Lego Universe in his hands.

Emmett is introduced as a generic character that follows the rules incessantly and, in doing so, has no remarkable features and a solitary life without any real friends. He is given a chance to change all that when he is mistaken as “The Special,” a unique MasterBuilder, as he accidentally stumbles upon the “Piece of Resistance.” This item is the key in bringing down the evil Lord Business and his weapon of mass destruction, the Kragle.

In his attempt to fulfill the prophecy, he goes on a wild chase around the Lego Universe aided by a sassy MasterBuilder, WyldStyle, the Wizard, Vitruvius, and Wyldstyle’s boyfriend, Batman.

The movie is a feel-good, hectic, wacky, and slightly parodic chaos of action. The jokes are hit-or-miss, but when they do hit, it will leave you doubled-over, gasping for air.

The story hits surprisingly close to the home by it’s end. The movie’s conclusion teaches you that we are all special and have something wonderful to contribute to the world so long as we try.

So, indulge your inner child and go watch The Lego Movie. Allow yourself to be swept up into a world of pure creativity!

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