Why SpoonRocket Is Our Newest Obsession

Food is probably the most important topic on every collegiette’s mind, but when it comes to venturing off campus for something that isn’t dining hall-material, things get tricky.

First, we have a rather large campus and it always seems to be a trek to get anywhere around here. Second, we have to ask – is it worth losing a parking spot over? We all know your prime overnight ‘S’ spot will surely be gone by the time you return! So, what happens when you get the craving for some delicious food, but you’re not up for the journey it entails?

That’s where SpoonRocket comes in and saves the day! SpoonRocket is a cutting-edge food delivery network that cooks gourmet meals and delivers them in under 15 minutes straight to our campus. That’s right, our campus at UCSD!

It’s incredibly simple – you can order from spoonrocket.com or download the SpoonRocket app and place your order in just a quick tap of your finger. All you have to do is select a meal from the daily menu, then checkout your order, and your meal will be delivered to you curbside in just a few short minutes!

Imagine collegiettes – fresh, gourmet dishes with the freshest ingredients delivered straight to your dorm room! It’s revolutionizing the way we think about food delivery, and the best cure for when you’re really missing a home-cooked meal!

SpoonRocket was truly made with the college student in mind, and this company stops at nothing to delivery only the best to the collegiette on a budget! They offer affordable meals ranging from $8-12, and ensure the quality of their food by using custom-built mobile technology and special heating equipment in all delivery vehicles.

We didn’t think we could love this company anymore, but also knowing that two students from the UC system created it makes us even more proud to use their services! Founders, Anson Tsui and Steven Hsiao are both UC Berkeley alumni who just recently started this business in 2013. We found their history to be incredibly inspiring to us as we begin to picture ourselves in the same position they were in just a few short years ago. They had an idea, they put in the work, and they created a successful business from the ground up!

Triton collegiettes, you should definitely check out SpoonRocket as soon as possible to test out these gourmet dishes for yourselves! Besides, finals are approaching and this might be a better solution than calling chips and salsa your “dinner” (I’m guilty, okay!)

To make those finals even better, we’re offering you a 50% off code for your first meal with SpoonRocket! Just use the code: ucsdcampus50. Share it with your friends, and have a study/dinner party together! Who knows, maybe you and your friends will develop a new business idea together; SpoonRocket has already proven it's possible!