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What To Expect This Weekend From Katy Perry’s Halftime Performance

So, apparently there’s going to be a big football game this weekend before and after Katy Perry takes the stage and performs all of her greatest hits. Which means glitter, bright lipstick, and possibly candy? There are no words to even begin to explain how excited I am to watch the princess of pop sing every anthemic song she has for the world to be amazed.

I have compiled a play-by-play (to keep in the spirit of football, ya know?) of how everyone (or let’s be honest, just me) will feel while watching Katy my Lady shine at halftime.

1. It’s about to start!! Everyone run into the room right now and sit down and BE QUIET!

2. There she is, you guys! Look at her outfit, look at her hair!! SO MUCH PERFECTION!

3. This song… she is playing “Firework” and it is really bringing back memories from the California Dreams Tour 4 me rn.

4. And wait you guys… now CALIFORNIA GURLS! I AM A CALIFORNIA GURL! THAT’S ME! She’s basically singing about me… Or her… Oh Katy, I knew we were always meant to be BFF’s.

5. Now she’s bringing out my inner warrior diva… YAS Katy, I WILL roar like a tiger and look super chic at the same time!

6. And just like that, she crushed it. Katy is queen. It was so beautiful. Just let me sit here for a minute and cry.

Taylor is currently a senior at the University of California, at San Diego where she is studying for a BA in Communication Studies. She is the Co-Correspondent of the HC UCSD chapter, and also a member of the lovely Alpha Omicron Pi, Lambda Iota chapter. While she isn't busy reading 50 pages every day for her communication classes, she enjoys reading a plethora of other types of books (especially anything by Malcolm Gladwell!). Other interests include eating Gouda-grilled cheese sandwiches, drinking lots and lots of tea, attending concerts, watching Parks and Recreation, and attempting to buy every beauty product that Ulta and Sephora can offer. She has also been self-proclaimed as Katy Perry's #1 fan #katycat4life. 
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