UCSD's Resource Centers

UC San Diego is known for its well-renowned research, engineering and science departments, and academically focused students. However, UCSD has a lot of other great programs and resource centers for students to check out, meet new people, and build a community away from the academic rigors and expectations. I’m going to be highlighting some of the great resource centers our university has to offer students, because up until a few days ago, I hadn’t even stepped foot in one. I highly encourage all of you to go check out at least one of these centers soon and see all the really great workshops and recourse they have to offer!

Black Resource Center:

This is the center that I decided to check out for the first time a few days ago, and I really really loved my visit. The BRC has a really great couch common room, a huge comfy napping couch, lots of books (including textbooks), and a computer room for free printing.

Women’s Resource Center:

This center offers a lot of really great workshops to promote dialogue about feminist and gender issues in society and on our campus, one of which is a Gender Buffet every Friday. They also offer free printing, a couch room, and a gender-inclusive bathroom.

Cross Cultural Center:

The CCC is a place to promote open discussions among different cultures and backgrounds. It provides open spaces for student organizations to sue. Student workers at the center also give workshops to student orgs about diversity issues in America and on our campus, like educating students about microaggressions.


These are just a few of the many resource centers that I wanted to highlight and that I’ve had the pleasure of interacting with. The other resource centers on campus are the LGBT Resource Center, the InterTribal Resource Center, the Student Veterans Resource Center, the Raza Resource Centro, and the Office of Student Disabilities. One important thing to emphasize is that you do not have to identify or be a part of these groups to utilize or go into these centers. They are open for all students to take advantage of, learn, and build communities.