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Since this week got off to a great start with International Women’s Day on Sunday, I would like to introduce to you two UCSD alumnae who truly embody what women empowerment means. These two women had to break many glass ceilings to reach the position they are in today. By writing to you about them, I hope to inspire you to shatter the barriers that women still have in society and find what makes you passionate to help you on your way to making your mark on this world. 
The first Campus Celebrity of the week is Dr. Eleanor “Connie” Mariano. Among other “firsts,” most notably she was the first military woman to become a White House Physician to the resident. Being a physician is a huge accomplishment alone, but having Presidents as your patients is impeccable. And since being a White House Physician is impeccable, also serving in the military is extraordinary! Mariano certainly had an amazing career following her passion for medicine after her graduation from Revelle College at UCSD.
If medicine isn’t your forte, there are, of course, many other accomplished women who went to UCSD, including Mona Kosar Abdi, a Somali-American multimedia journalist (quite fitting for Her Campus)! She is currently a reporter for the ABC branch in Central Virginia, but she grew up in San Diego, also serving on ABC’s staff as an Assignment Editor. Abdi’s career is inspiring because she started so young and has become so successful already. Abdi truly inspires me to set goals and reach them.
Rebecca is a second year student majoring in Cognitive Science. Her goal is to either be involved in Alzheimer's research or be a child psychologist. She helped plan recruitment for her sorority this year and enjoys soaking up the sun at the beach. 
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