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This Is Your Sign To Visit A Lagree Studio

If you’re anything like me, you definitely understand the struggles of establishing a workout routine. I tried it all, the gym, running, swimming, yoga, you name it, but I was never able to find something that I actually enjoyed – that is until I discovered Lagree. 

What is Lagree and how does it differ from pilates?

Lagree is a derivative of Pilates that offers a high-intensity workout and delivers rapid results. Like Pilates, Lagree focuses on core stability, muscular strength, and flexibility, however, it is different in that it offers a more dynamic and low-impact workout. 

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WHat are the advantages?

Offers a range of motions: Lagree equipment is highly adjustable, which allows for a wide array of exercises. Take for instance, the equipment’s back platforms, cables, and spring tensions that enable many different pulling and pushing techniques. 

High-intensity: Lagree calls for slow and controlled movements for the duration of a class, which lowers blood pressure and increases fat loss. When done properly, this technique can get your heart pumping in a way that other methods simply can’t. 

Great for injuries: Despite being an intense workout, Lagree is also effective for those that are recovering from injuries. This is due to the equipment’s ability to target specific muscle groups while avoiding others. 

How often should I take a class?

Due to the workout’s multifaceted nature, classes are rather short averaging at about 40 minutes each. For best results, it is recommended to take a class 3-4 times a week (that’s only about 2.5 hours a week). However, I will say that when I first began my Lagree journey I only took one class a week because my muscles were extremely sore and needed rest to rebuild. It’s important to remember that everyone is different and endurance is key.

In short, Lagree is a workout that tightens, strengthens, and tones the body by incorporating resistance training and cardio into one. With that said, if you like Pilates but are interested in a more intense workout, then this is your sign to visit your nearest Lagree studio! 

Laylani Cedano is a first year transfer student at the University of California San Diego. She is currently a Communication major and plans to pursue a career as a talent manager in the entertainment industry. During her free time she enjoys roller-skating, thrifting, and hanging out with friends. Some of her interests include music, film, and anything pop culture!
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