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The Stages Of Finals Every Collegiette Faces

The stages of Finals Week that we all go through:

Finals week. Daunting, stressful, and often times, humorous. As if it’s a rite of passage for us as college students. All of our bad habits are excused during this week. McDonald’s at 12 am, ehh it’s finals. Not showering for a few days, no time for that. Laughing hysterically at nothing because you’re delirious? Oh yeah. And when it’s over, it was all worth it. Let’s go through the stages of finals week that we all know so well…


Realizing you have to get a 90% or above on the final for an A in the class. GET ALL the extra credit!     

Beginning to study… Well trying to begin the studying process. Gotta start on the hour, or else it’s not worth it.  

When you only need to know the “basic concepts” for the final. AKA the whole book.

When the studying doesn’t end until you TAKE the final.
Always getting the full eight hours before a final….. NOT. NEVER.
At the final. No sleep. Trying to remember what it was that you actually studied. “Please let it all come back to me!”
Always hard to decipher….  
When it’s finally OVER.
But then THIS happens…

Well collegiettes, it’s finals week and we all have to do it. Stay strong, positive, and TRY to get some sleep. You can do this!

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