Stages of Black Friday Shopping

We've done it. We have survied Black Friday 2015. I love deals and spending money I don't have more than anyone else, but every year I go throught the same emotional stages.

 9:30 PM Thursday night. 

I'm full of Thanksgiving food, I've looked through the ads, and I'm ready to push people out of the way for the things I don't really need, but I want to have.

 Friday, Midnight

The doors are open and I'm ready to get the deals

 1 AM Friday

I've fought off more people than I can count for the last televison and printer. At this point my cart is filled with everything my hands could grab.

 2AM Friday

I've checked out, walking out of the store and am so excited with my purchases.

2:15AM Friday

I get home to show my parents my excessive amount of stuff, and I try to validate all my purchases


9AM Friday

After sleeping, I check my bank account and realize how much I've spent

 10AM Friday

I shrug it off and enjoy my new stuff and vow to be more responsible next year.