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Spring Essentials

Welcome back Tritons. Spring quarter has started, and classes are in full swing. Being a girl on the go, I find myself away from my apartment for long period of time. So large bags are vital for my busy schedule.

1. Vera Bradley Bag

This bag is perfect to hold everything I need for the day. And the bright colors are perfect for spring.

2. Eyeliner

During the quarter, the amount of sleep I get every week decreases. This eyeliner from Milani is perfect to make it look like I got a full night's sleep

3. hand sanitizer

This hand sanitizer from CEA Study Abroad has a case that will loop to any bag/keys to keep the germs away all quarter long

4. Vera Bradley ID Case

Living on campus, you need your idea for everything. Having this stylish ID case is perfect to ensure your ID is always handy.

5.AZO Gummies

It is easy to sacrifice your health when midterms and finals hit, but this gummies will help keep you on tract


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