Spotlight: Vanathi Sundararaman

Vanathi Sundararaman

  • Major: Psychology Major

  • 2nd Year Transfer/ 4th year 

  • Hometown: San Ramon, CA

  • Campus involvement: HER Campus


1. What inspired you to join Her Campus?

A: I have always had a knack for writing and I love to read. I am passionate about feminism and believe that women run the world, so Her Campus essentially combines a lot of my interests into one. Being a part of a female driven magazine and getting to impact others especially women, and hopefully make their day brighter and feel less alone is why I wanted to join Her Campus. At the end of the day we are all trying to find a little magic in our lives, through books, movies, art, and more. This is just one other way to do that.

2. Who or what inspires you?

A: ​Artists inspire me. Anyone who creates any form of art, just inspires me to live my life in a meaningful, fulfilling, and authentic way. Art and love are the two truest things in this world to me, and hearing singers, actors, filmmakers, authors, and more, discuss why they do what they do, how they found it, their journey, and their personal struggles, just inspires me to chase my dreams and also live a life where I can find magic in the everyday. It's definitely an uphill battle, especially when you are working towards things and feel lost and are working on yourself, but art helps you know that you are not alone. Seeing yourself represented through art is incredibly powerful, and speaks to the necessity for representation in all art mediums. Of course apart from artists, my dad inspires me. He has such a patient and kind soul, and always inspires me to be more compassionate in life. Anyone who is an activist out there who maybe sacrifices personal comfort or just commits to advocacy no matter the circumstances, is inspiring. Humanitarians are inspiring. 

3. If you were to travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?

A: ​If I could travel anywhere in the world, I would either go to Italy, or Iceland. I want to go to Iceland or an area like Iceland, like New Zealand or Scotland because I want to see the northern lights so badly, and I am obsessed with all things magic and fantasy. To be in one of those or any areas that remind you of a fae forest, or a scene from Harry potter or Lord of the Rings, is a dream. I also want to go to Italy so bad and just immerse myself in the culture. I want to dance on the streets at night after eating authentic Italian food and gelato. 

4. Current songs in your (study) playlist? 

A: ​My study playlist is actually all instrumentals because I have a hard time focusing if I am listening to songs with words. I am basically blasting the soundtracks to Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones, and Twilight (don’t come for me, the music is amazing), while I’m cranking out homework and studying for a midterm. For those who know Game of thrones, I listened to Queen Cercei’s theme music, “Hear Me Roar” so much, that it was my 2019 most played song of the year. 

5. What is something you would like to be better at?

A: ​There are too many things I would like to be better at. I definitely would like to be better at cooking, painting, and time management. I always wanted to be one of those cool people that have their own recipes or they bake when they are stressed or just bake every weekend. I however, only know how to make 3-4 things and I get quite stressed making them. I feel like at this point the majority of college students struggle with time management, but I would really love to step down from being the queen of procrastination. Finally, I would like to know how to paint, because despite me finding it therapeutic, my frantic “how to paint” googling leading up to the activity, tends to take a bit of the calming effect from the whole scenario. It would be cool to just know some techniques and have that up my sleeve.

6. If you could have any job at all, regardless of school or training, what would you choose?

A: ​If I could have any job at all it would be an actor and singer. I am going to manifest it right now. I am calling on the law of attraction and the holy powers of the universe for this dream to come true. I also am someone that could not understand how people just know what they want to do and pick one thing. If I liked science I would be a neonatologist or a pediatrician, because I adore babies. Space and the universe is epic, so being an astro-physicist or an astronaut would have been cool. There is quite literally so much out there, it's just time to become a 2020 renaissance woman.​

7. Who is your style icon?

A: ​I don’t know if I have one style icon, but there is this fashion designer known as Paolo Sebastian, and ever since my best friend and I discovered him, all we want is to live in his dresses every single day. I also love Blake Lively’s sense of style. The way she pairs all her jewelry with her outfits, all of her MET Gala looks...she’s just impeccable. She has a way of wearing so many different rings or bracelets and somehow makes them look so chic in a Lara Jean from “To All the Boys” type of way. Zendaya and Selena Gomez are another two of my favorites as well.