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Spotlight: Mary Sasso

Name: Mary Sasso


Pronouns: she/her/hers


Hometown: Torrance, CA


Major(s): Communications


What is your current job and What is your dream job/career? 


I am currently not working but after I graduate, I would love to be a writer/journalist for a magazine or news outlet of some sort!


Tell us about how you landed at UCSD?

Fun fact: UCSD was not my first choice but I am so grateful I decided to come here! Some of my cousins have attended here and they always boasted how amazing it was and after looking into it more and seeing their extensive Communications program I decided to commit! Living by the beach is always a plus side as well. 


What is one (or a few) things that have gotten you through the quarantine?

Reading and cooking/baking got me through quarantine! I think I read about 7 books total during the first couple of months to take my mind off the whole pandemic. I also started to experiment with cooking and baking as well—trying new recipes is always fun. 


Who is your favorite music artist? What is your favorite album or song they’ve made? Why?

My favorite artist is SZA and her album “Ctrl” is a no-skips album. I love how her music is so fun yet vulnerable and honest. Her music just always puts me in a good mood!


What inspired you to join Her Campus?

I love the female energy that Her Campus cultivates! I wanted to be a part of a fun  community centering around girl power and a myriad of other niches such as wellness, lifestyle, pop culture, and mental health!


I grew up on the east coast in Maryland. Pursuing my education on the west coast. This is my 3rd yr studying in college but my first year as a transfer student to UCSD. I decided to study ethnic studies as my minor here.
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