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Meet Lwin Lwin Moe!

Major: Economics

Year: Senior, 2nd-year transfer student


Few things about yourself! (skills, fun facts, favorite food, favorite activities,etc.): 

I may be a shy and quiet person, but I enjoy making new friends. 

I love eating so much that it is hard for me to choose my favorite. I love stir-fry pot (Mala Xiang guo) and Korean food, especially tofu soup and spicy rice cake. 

Fun fact: I don’t like hiking but I love the views from mountains.

My favorite activity is watching movies during my leisure time.


Where are you from?

I am from Yangon, Myanmar. (Myanmar is also known as Burma.)


What is your favorite hobby?

My favorite hobby is listening to music. I mostly listen to pop genres, and instruments like classical piano.


Describe your perfect day!

For me, I am easy to get distracted that it often makes me left behind with the lectures and assignments. So, I would describe my perfect day as a day when I feel accomplished.

Whenever things get checked off from my to-do list, the feeling of getting one step closer to completeness somehow makes me happy and excited.


Who or what inspires you?

There are a lot of things that inspire me. What I am most inspired by is the community. From meeting people and making new friends to listening to other people’s stories and challenges gives me opportunities to understand their situation and their aspects. The actions done by and lessons taught by the community (such as ways of getting out of my comfort zone to be successful) influence me in a way of how I live my life and I adjust my behavior.


Why did you join Her Campus? 

My friend Alejandra sent me an event flyer and it led me to join Her Campus. This is my first quarter being in Her Campus and I am really amazed by how welcoming and friendly all the team members are. By being a member of Her Campus, I am hoping to not only get more involved, but also to build a close friendship with the students.

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