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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UCSD chapter.

Meet Kassie Reynoso! She uses pronouns she/her, is a second year EDS major in Sixth College, and is from San Fernando Valley.

What do you hope to accomplish before graduating UCSD?

I hope to have a specific amount of field work before graduating. I want to work more closely with kids and have a bigger impact such as creating an after-school club as a safe space for kids where they won’t feel pressured and will just learn to love learning in a more organic way.

What are some things in your bucket list?

Skydiving, eat at a Michelin star restaurant, own a home by age of 30 and have 3(ish) dogs.

Who is your role model or celebrity crush?

“My role model would be my mom, who has had a lot of obstacles put in her life. She was a single mom twice and is undocumented, making it hard for her to find a job and to provide for our family. My mom has pushed my brother and I while being supportive and is like our best friend. My celebrity crush would be Jack Gilinksy.”

If you were a food (or drink) what would you be?

“A quad shot over ice, because I have an insane amount of energy. For food, I would be a poke bowl since it has a lot of flavor and different aspects to it.”

Any hobbies or interests?

“My biggest hobby right now is baking, specifically at night. I think it’s so fun to bake something and have it ready in the morning to eat. I really like makeup and finding new stuff, like testing out new products. I also really want to create a new makeup routine. I really like my job because it helps me feel productive, and I prefer it over just being at home.”

What made you join Her Campus?

“I was looking for a community, since Covid last year made it hard to. I thought it would be fun to be in an all-woman club and find a support system of people who are (mostly) like me.

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