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Meet Gaby Cabanelas!

Year: Second year

Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

Major: International Studies: Business 

College: Muir

Hometown: Chicago


1. What is your spirit animal?

I’d say sloth because I like to sleep a lot. I need at least 12 hours. 

2. What are your favorite shows and/or movies? 

My favorite show would probably be The office because it’s so funny. My favorite movie would be Stick It. It’s a gymnastics movie and it was the only movie I had growing up so I’ve watched it like a thousand times. 

3. What song would you choose to describe your life? 

That’s a hard question. I don’t know if I could choose only 1 song. I have to look at my playlist. I’d say any happy song. Maybe “Happy” by Pharrell! 

4. What is the biggest lesson you learned during the pandemic? 

To do what makes you happy. Before the pandemic, I feel like I did a lot of things for other people. For example, with figure skating I feel like I did that to make other people happy. But after the pandemic, I learned to put myself first. 

5. What do you hope to accomplish by the end of your college career?

I hope to find what I really like to do. As I said in the previous question, I feel like I did a lot of things for other people. By taking classes and finding my interests, I hope to find what I really want to do after college. 

6. What are the 3 most important qualities you look for in a friend? 

Definitely humor. I like being friends with someone who can make me laugh. Trust is definitely a big one. You want to be able to trust your friend. Selflessness is also important. Having a friend who thinks about my interests is a nice quality. 

Anastacia Son is a first year at UCSD and is a Political Science major with a concentration in comparative politics. She has a passion for writing and her hobbies include journaling, swimming, staying active, and reading.
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