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Name: Angelica Joseph 


Hometown: Yigo, Guam 


Major: Communications




  1. What made you decide to join HerCampus?


I joined HerCampus because I wanted to be more involved in clubs that interest me and connect with others who had the same interests. I want to learn more about HerCampus and experience being a part of a writing/social media team. I have experience in the social media marketing field, so I want to challenge my skills and abilities to HerCampus criteria. 


  1. What experience did COVID university give you that you were not expecting?

Learning how to prepare, adjust and get used to the quarter system. How to multitask school work; screening and reading for more than one class. 


  1. If you were to be a restaurant owner. What city would it be located in and what type of food or what would your signature dish be? 


If I were a restaurant owner, I would want to be located in the Bay Area. On my restaurant menu, I would have Filipino and Guamanian food. My signature dish would be my Guamanian spare ribs, chicken, and red rice with lumpia. 


  1. If we lived in an ideal world for one second what would you change about yourself or your life, apart from covid :)?


I would start waking up early, like 7 a.m., work on my business, get into health, fitness, and wellness more often. 

Hi, my name is Sofya Svyatskaya and I am a freshman at the University of California San Deigo as a human bio major in hopes of pursuing a medical career. However, on the side a have an immense passion for fashion, leading a healthy lifestyle, and simply enjoying the beauty of my new home, San Diego.
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