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Major: International Business (minor in design)

Year: Junior

Hometown: Taiwan

Campus Involvement: Ascension dance team, Undergraduate Trading Society


What’s been the best thing about being a UCSD student so far?
The weather and the food! I can’t live without sunshine and beaches and I’m a sucker for Mexican food. 

What are you looking forward to most for the next year?
Looking for things to go back to normal so I can make the most out of my last year as a college student. I also really miss traveling and just going out!

Where are your favorite places to go outside of school and/or work?
My favorite is definitely La Jolla Shores Beach and downtown.

What are some songs currently on your playlist that you can’t stop listening to?
“The less I know the better” and “Takeaway”.

What are you hoping to do with your major in the future?
Although I major in International Business and planned to go into marketing in the future, I am considering switching paths to go into UI/UX and product design instead. I just started learning UI/UX and I hope to land a job in this field in the near future.

Loralyn Narvaez is a California Native who previously attended UWB. Although she currently lives back in California, she served as Head Writer for the chapter publishing articles and writing her own. She now attends the University of California, San Diego as a Communications major and Business minor in pursuit of her Bachelors Degree. She is also Campus Correspondent for HC UCSD. Her interests include, cosmetics, fashion, food, literature, linguistics, Asian culture and politics.
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