SHEIN Review


If you’ve been on Tiktok lately then you most likely have seen girls rave about SHEIN. SHEIN is a website that sells affordable clothes, shoes, jewelry, etc. Many of the clothing items are similar to what you would find on the Fashion Nova website. I decided to order a couple of items to see what the hype was really about. 


The first item I ordered was an oversized butterfly t-shirt for $17.00. I ordered this in a size small. The first thing I noticed was that the material was really good quality. Although I really liked the material, the shirt was not true to size. Yes, it is supposed to be an oversized t-shirt but it was too oversized. Usually the length of an oversized t-shirt on me would be about two inches under my hips. This shirt was up to my knees! Mind you, I am 4’11. I would suggest that you look at the size chart to make sure that you fit the measurement criteria for whatever size you want.


The second item that I ordered was a really cute black bathing suit for $12.00. This is the most popular thing that girls have been raving about on Tiktok from SHEIN. So, of course, I had to order a bathing suit. I ordered it in a size small as well. The quality was also very good and I loved the way it fit. It was definitely true to size. I have to say this is my favorite thing off of the website and I will be ordering more bathing suits from SHEIN. It was definitely worth the hype. 


Lastly, I ordered jewelry. I decided to get a set of anklets that cost $2.50 and a set of necklaces for $4.00. The set of anklets came with 3 different butterfly anklets. The quality was good for the price that you pay. I did notice some rusting on one of the anklets but it’s not too noticeable unless you look closely. The set of necklaces was what I was looking forward to the most, but I have to say I was a little disappointed. I watched reviews on YouTube before ordering any jewelry off of SHEIN and for the most part, the reviews were great, but I was a little disappointed. The quality was not as good as I was expecting and the pendants on the necklaces almost look like plastic. Yes, they were not expensive, but the reviews claimed that the jewelry was of good quality. 


The website offers a lot of different discounts so after applying a 15% off discount code my total price came out to be $37.50. Shipping was $3.99 and sales tax was $2.34. The total charged for shipping and sales tax in my opinion was a good price. For each item, the sales tax was less than $1.10. Shipping usually costs me around $6.00 or more so to me $3.99 was a good shipping price. 


Overall, I would recommend this website to others, but I would not recommend the jewelry. I would suggest that shoppers measure themselves and compare their measurements to the size chart under each item. Make sure you look at the reviews under the items you want before purchasing anything. Lastly, make sure you check how long the shipping on an item is. My order took about a month to arrive, which I didn’t really like.