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Punny Halloween Costumes

As Halloween grows ever closer, many people begin to wonder what they are going to dress up as to celebrate the night. In today’s society, there is a very fine line between funny and also being sensitive to culture and the diversity of society. So instead of worrying about being offensive, just be punny!

1.     Everyone loves a ladies man, especially one that will make you smile when skies are Grey.

2.     Every princess has dreams of ruling the Taco Kingdom.

3.     Everything is better with bread.

4.     In this heat wave, I’d be its number one fan too.

5.     And of course because this is UCSD, Snakes on a Plane. 

We hope these silly and punny costumes inspire you to get creative with your costume! Have a great and safe Halloween, collegiettes!

Third Year at UC San Diego at Marshall College. Proud member of Panhellenic with ambitions to go to law school and become a Supreme Court Justice.
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