Puesto Tacos In La Jolla Serves Up A Delicious Review

Hey Colliegettes! If you guys are willing to part from Vallarta’s carne asada fries for a different Mexican meal, I have the place for you! It’s called Puesto Mexican Street Food located in the heart of downtown La Jolla Wall St. As soon as you step through the door, you notice the modern industrial interior and the cool graphic design of the logo and menu. After enjoying your surroundings, you have to choose between a variety of items on the menu: street tacos, bowls, and classic Mexican dishes are among the most popular items.

I opted for the street tacos, in which you get three to customize to your liking for twelve dollars. There are many different proteins to pick from like fish, chicken, pork, steak, vegetarian, and even lobster for an extra charge. Next, you move on to the vast selection of toppings to compliment your tacos such as salsas, fruit, avocado, and other fresh ingredients.

The taco meats have a tremendous amount of flavor, and the toppings provide freshness and texture. However, I saved my favorite part of the tacos for last; the cheese. The cheese is the shining star of the tacos, and Puesto coins it as “crispy cheese.” And crispy it is! The cheese is placed on the grill topped with the meat you choose for your tacos, making the cheese slightly crisp on one side while melted and delicious on the other. Puesto’s genius cheese grilling technique puts their already delicious tacos over the top. Now pair your tacos with a horchata shake (YUM) and celebrate making it through your second week of school!