Places to Study Besides Geisel

With finals in the near future, the endless studying begins. Geisel is great and all, but if you need a break from the cold, dreary library, here are a few on and off campus suggestions that are sure to make studying a little better.


  1. Cliff Hanger Café (the café at glider port)

This café is perfect walking distance from campus, especially if you're in ERC or the village! They have a full menu with great coffee, breakfast, and even a variety of pastas. 


  1. Muir Woods

If you haven't discovered Muir Woods yet, now is definitely the time! Right in the heart of Muir lies this quaint little coffee shop that is the perfect place to study and get a caffeine break!


  1. Pannikin or Living Room Cafe

Both of these coffee shops in the La Jolla cove area are perfect little getaways from campus!


  1. The beach

If you have a lot of reading to do or are just reviewing your notes in your notebook, what better way to relax and be motivated to read than at the beach! Bringing your laptop is not recommended!