An Open Letter to my College Best Friend


Let’s set the scene: it’s the first day of sorority recruitment of my first quarter at UCSD. I’ve made friends in the res halls and in some of my classes, but those familiar faces aren’t around right now. Naturally, to avoid this awkward situation and break the ice, I start talking to the girl next to me in line waiting to go into the chapters’ events. Her name I later find out is Natasha. Little did I know she would become my best friend in college.


In high school, your best friends are the people who you’ve grown up with for 10 years, forced to be in the same classrooms with since elementary school. They’re the people who are in your classes that you sit next to and conveniently become friends with. But in college it’s different. You have to go out of your way to make friends. This was especially the case for me, moving to a different state where I knew absolutely no one. I am so so grateful that some part of me decided to go out of my way to talk to a stranger. I am so so grateful that this stranger reciprocated, talked to me, and got lunch with me in between recruitment events. And I’m so so grateful that fate had it we ended up in the same sorority at the end of recruitment, and have grown closer and closer everyday.


My relationship with you, Natasha, is very important to me. You have supported me when I needed it most. You have inspired me to be the best that I can be, pushing me to grow and find my passion. You have taught me to not take life too seriously because having fun every once in a while is definitely okay. So thank you for the lunches, dessert dates, random adventures to the beach, fun Friday nights, our signature dance move, and Netflix nights. Thank you for texting me if you think I might be having a rough day and texting me to support me when you know I’ve succeeded.


So sure I had really great friends in high school, but there’s something about having to go out of my way to make a best friend that makes the relationship a lot stronger. Thank you for taking this crazy journey that is college with me at the best possible time in our lives to meet. You’ll be the best bridesmaid at my wedding some day. And even though I don’t know where will be in a couple of years, I know we’ll be friends forever.