One Size Fits None

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a fan of the over-sized sweatshirt and T-shirt style that’s circulating throughout the closets of young women, everywhere. However, what I’m not a fan of is the assumption that one size slouchy t-shirt or sweater will most definitely fit all. Walking into Pacific Beach’s Brandy Melville last spring, I was intrigued by their on trend styles of basic t-shirts, skirts, and sweaters. However, I was baffled as I started looking for my size. One size fits all on a sweater, then a shirt, and even a skirt? Wait… what? I realized then that Brandy Melville offered one size in their store, which was indeed one size fits all.
I was discouraged by this, and ending up leaving without even trying on a piece of clothing. I assumed that I wasn’t the “one size” that Brandy was referring to. But then I began thinking, who is? Who classifies as one size? I assume that no one could testify that one size fits them perfectly, all the time. Part of the beauty of being a human being is that we are all different. Different personalities, different skillsets, different physical qualities, and yes, different sizes. No woman should feel discouraged as she’s trying on a shirt that is supposed to fit her. Four little words cannot generalize us into being one perfect size. We are all different heights, shapes, and weights, and that is what makes us beautiful. So I challenge you collegiettes, that size is just a letter, so believe in your beautiful bodies! 
I was inspired by this video and article by Buzzfeed.