My Favorite Shows To Binge Watch During Quarantine

Quarantine has left (most) of us with a lot of free time to indulge in whatever activities we can partake in. One of my favorite pastimes is binge watching tv shows that make me feel better about my life or simply just entertain me. Here’s a list of shows that have gotten me through my quarantine so far:

  1. 1. 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 days (Hulu)

    This reality tv show is so funny because everyone is pretty much a mess. I have had many nights with my roommates watching hours of this show, laughing the entire time. This show is about American people who fall in love with somebody from a different country and their meetings for the first time. It usually ends a mess because one of the two have the wrong intentions. Very funny show 10/10 would recommend.

  2. 2. Money Heist (Netflix)

    Money Heist is about a mastermind who recruits ex convicts to conduct the biggest heist to have ever been done. This show is very interesting to watch because there are so many layers to what goes into robbing a bank of that caliber and the man who plans it all is so smart and intricate with every move he makes. Aside from the action part of the show it also has a lot of romance, comedy, and drama. This show is in spanish so be prepared to change the audio to english or use english subtitles, definitely worth it though!

  3. 3. Elite (Netflix)

    Another show based in Spain but this is Gossip Girl meets Pretty Little Liars. Elite is about rich high school students who try to figure out who killed one of their friends while battling drugs, family, and love problems. I really enjoyed this show because the actors are amazing and the way the show was laid out made it really enjoyable to watch.

  4. 4. When They See Us (Netflix)

    This show is a must watch. It is not light hearted but carries an incredible message based on a true story about the American criminal justice system and systematic racism. It is based on a true story about the “Central Park Five”, five boys who were wrongly accused of the rape and murder of a female jogger in New York. It follows their journey through prison and their exoneration years later. It is heartbreaking but very real and very needed to be seen by the public.

Quarantine can get really boring but these shows have gotten me through it. Whether it is laughing or crying, I enjoyed every minute of it. I hope you guys consider watching these very entertaining shows!