Meet Rachel Axler: Triton Alum Turned Script Writer

Have any of you collegiettes seen New Girl, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, How I Met Your Mother, or Parks and Recreation? Of course you have, because those shows are awesome! They have loveable characters with witty scripts and interesting plots. Well one of our very own alumni, Rachel Axler, either produced or wrote for each of these shows.

Axler graduated UCSD in 2004 with an MFA in Theater and Dance. She now serves as an American television writer and producer as well as a playwright. After she graduated from UCSD, Axler moved to New York City where she had temp jobs writing on various shows, but her goal was to write for The Daily Show.

She later achieved that goal by becoming the lone female writer on the team and winning two Emmy Awards for her work. In 2008, Axler moved to Los Angeles where she has since written for Parks and Recreation, New Girl, How I Met Your Mother, Bored to Death, and even her off-Broadway play titled Smudge. Currently, Axler is writer and producer of the new fall comedy, Mulaney.

Rachel Axler can serve as a great inspiration to us, collegiettes! She is a woman that is dominating a field usually filled by men. She can show us that we are entirely capable and confident women, and that we can achieve anything that we set our mind to.

You can follow Rachel on twitter: @rachelaxler and instagram: @thingface.