Meet Our New Exec Board!

Congratulations to next year's Her Campus at UCSD executive members: our two Co-Campus Correspondents Megan Ruckstuhl and Jennifer Spencer, and our Social Media Chair Ranju Srinivasan!


When asked why they each loved writing for Her Campus, this is what they had to say:

Ranju: I love writing for Her Campus because it's an amazing way to connect with and inspire other people. When I was in high school, and before I started writing for UCSD’s Her Campus, I would often find myself reading Her Campus articles and relating to many of them, and now as a writer, I want the chance to connect with other women through my writing, or even inspire them with some of the pieces I write. I always thought Her Campus was more special than other online journals for college students because it specifically targets women. The “by women, for women” concept feels like a binding force among the school’s writers and readers and I love being a part of that special bubble.

Jennifer: I always enjoy when I write because it allows me to write about topics that I love and am interested in.

Megan: I enjoy writing for Her Campus because it allows me a creative outlet to voice my opinions and experience about UCSD campus life to a broad audience. This publication has helped me through my college experience and I love having the opportunity to help others.


Congratulations again, ladies!! We can't wait to see how amazing you'll be in your positions and how Her Campus at UCSD will grow next year!