Meet Mariam Geysimonyan


Meet Mariam Geysimonyan!!

She is a Second Year Pharmological Chemistry Major from Sixth College that is taking this year by storm. She is a proud woman of Kappa Kappa Gamma and absolutely loves meeting new people here at UCSD. Here are some fun facts about Mariam that will hopefully inspire you to strike up a convo with her (because let's be real, she’s an amazing human).

Favorite vacation spot: Hawaii

Favorite Music: Queen, Alt-J

Campus Orgs: Junior Panhellenic Council VP External Relations & EDI Affairs, and the Armenian Student Association

She is a killer volleyball player and enthusiast and is always down for a game.

If she could be a fruit she would be a blackberry because it can be juicy, sweet or tart, and it leaves black gunk in your teeth so everyone knows what you ate and will never forget you.

If she could reincarnate herself she would be Rebel Wilson because she is the queen of everything.