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Meet Kiki Gonzalez

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UCSD chapter.

When Kiki is not listening to Justin Bieber, you can find her at the UCSD basketball games cheering on our team. Take a minute and get to know her!

Name: Kiki Gonzalez

Major: Economics 

Minor: Accounting

Year: Senior

College: Marshall 

What is your favorite about UCSD?

Getting to live so close to the beach and the amazing academics

Burritos or tacos?

Can I say both?

Favorite place to go on the weekends?

Hiking at Torrey Pines and adventures with my roommate.

Favorite song to listen to while getting ready?

Gold by Kiiara

When are you marrying Justin Bieber?

July 14, 2016.

UCSD '16 Political Science- American Politics Major