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Meet Kaushal Raipancholia

We know international students exist, but have we ever really put aside the time to get to know their reasons or goals or difficulties? Kaushal Raipancholia is not only a member of the Greek fraternity Kappa Sigma, but he has recently been elected to be on the executive board, just after one year. He organizes community service activities like food drives and helping out other organizations. Kaushal “Kush”, moved from Dubai his freshman year of college, and rarely gets to go back home! Kush has been staying involved not only though his fraternity, but also with community service and education. Kush is able to balance so much, especially considering since his major, Mechanical Engineering, requires a lot of effort out of him. It is difficult to see Kush alone, his warm heart and inviting presence allows him to constantly be surrounded by friends.

Meet our Campus Cutie, Kush!


Why did you decide to move to America from Dubai?

I moved to America to get a better education. The colleges here are a lot more prestigious than they are back home so I felt I would get a better advantage in life if I went to a better school.


Did you experience culture shock? And how did you deal with it?

I didn’t experience any culture shock necessarily, but it was a big change living by myself and really far away from home.

I am used to traveling by now, so I have gotten used to the being away from home part, but it can get difficult at times. It’s hard when I miss my family, especially my sisters, but that’s what FaceTime is for! I try to FaceTime them at least once a week!


What’s your secret talent?

I like rapping – I’m horrible at it so I guess it’s not really I talent but…


How do you prioritize your activities?

School’s first I guess. I try to work out and play some sports whenever I can but that’s really hard being an engineer. I never have any free time!


Who do you look up to?

My Grandad, he was the oldest and the wisest so I used to respect him. He had a pretty rough life and was able to achieve so much, so I learned a lot from his stories.


Let’s say we’re on match.com, what would your profile say?

“My anaconda don’t want none unless you got buns, Hun”

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