Meet Jon Foreman and Switchfoot, Triton Rockers

Ever feel like the arts are not as appreciated as the sciences in our research based university? Whenever you feel that way, try looking up some of our musician alumni. Students of all majors are appreciated on our campus and are given opportunities to express themselves. Some of our famous alumni, such as the members of the alternative rock band Switchfoot, originally felt lost in our science focused education system. However, with support from UC San Diego, they found their passion and were able to live out their dreams.   
You may not have heard of Jon Foreman, Tim Foreman, and Chad Butler individually, but I am sure you have heard of their band, Switchfoot. Keeping UC San Diego proud of its contributions to the arts, the members of Switchfoot are some of our most famous and successful alumni. Jon Foreman, a Thurgood Marshall College alumni, is the lead singer, guitarist, songwriter, and co-founder of Switchfoot. Chad Butler is the lead drummer and is also the co-founder of Switchfoot. Tim Foreman, who is Jon Foreman's brother, is the bassist for Switchfoot. It was here at UCSD that the Foreman brothers met their drummer, Butler, and it was here that the legendary band Switchfoot was created. The friends bonded over activities that our current students still enjoy. These activities included surfing along the La Jolla Shores and studying for difficult classes such as Chem 6A. 
After writing a decent amount of songs, Switchfoot expanded their audience by publicizing their music on campus. They were able to book shows at popular locations such as the Ché Café and Porter's Pub. After only 20 live shows, they signed onto Sparrow Records and put out their first album, Legend of Chin, on June 17, 1997. After their first album release, they continued to put on shows and create more music with added members. Some of Switchfoot's famous songs include "Only Hope", "Dark Horses" and "Dare You to Move." Currently, Switchfoot is on tour and filming a movie called Fading West. They also released an album called Fading West on January 14, 2014. 
Switchfoot is one of the bands that represent UC San Diego and its contribution to music. We are so proud to be at a school that acknowledges and supports the diverse range of interests that students have. Just as the members of Switchfoot followed their dreams, we Tritons will do our best to make our alma mater proud!