Meet Jimmy Luong

Meet this week’s campus cutie. In between serving as the president of ESW (Engineers for a Sustainable World) and volunteering at a Scripps lab, Jimmy can be found playing basketball and taking awesome photos while wearing the coolest socks in town. Found out more below!


Name: Jimmy V. Luong


College: Sixth


Year: 4th Year


Major: Environmental Engineering


One thing you can't live without: The beach. It needs to be within walking distance at all times. I might not go for extended periods of time – but it needs to be there.


Favorite thing to do in your spare time: I like to take pictures of common items and frame them in a way that people haven’t thought of before.


Something you'd like to share about yourself: I am going to solve California’s thirst.

Secret passion/guilty pleasure: When my apartmentmates are gone I like to turn on the soundtrack from Interstellar and pretend like I’m about to solve the mysteries behind the space-time continuum but in reality I am just making a quesadilla and figuring out how many clean shirts I have until I have to do laundry again.