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Loving Mother Nature Doesn’t Have a Price Tag

Most of the time when I hear about how to be more eco-friendly it tends to be inaccessible to the majority of the population. I am not here to preach that you must be vegan or that you can only wear sustainable clothing because, let’s be honest, that is expensive and not practical for everyone -- and there is no shame in that. The following tips have low barriers to accessibility that we can all embrace regardless of income. Loving Mother Nature doesn't have a price tag. 

Invest in a reusable water bottle

By now, this is nothing new. But.. if you are still drinking out of plastic water bottles consider buying a reusable water bottle (it doesn’t need to be expensive to be effective). Chances are you will actually drink more water and you are reducing your amount of plastic used, so it’s truly a win-win.

Ditch the trends

As sad as it may seem, you don’t need to buy every pair of 70s patterned pants you see on Pinterest. Rather than spending your money on trends, invest in staple items that will last longer in your closet and less time in the landfill. 

Try to repurpose everything

And I mean everything. Some of the easiest things to reuse in a new way are empty containers and jars from your food-- think Greek yogurt tubs, or that old jam that has been sitting in your mini fridge for far too long. My roommate and I use empty containers as pots for our plants. You could even decorate them if you wanted to!

Reduce the amount of meat you consume

When I moved to college, I realized how easy it was to reduce the amount of meat I eat just by being more selective at dining halls. It is more effective for us all to collectively reduce meat consumption than just having a select few refusing it entirely. If you are not comfortable with cutting consumption of all meat, focus on reducing red meat which has the greatest contribution to greenhouse gasses. 

Put a compost bin in your living space

I decided to do this and it is shocking to see the amount of food waste I used to be throwing away. Tell your roommates about it and offer to be the one who takes out the bin to prevent any reluctance. Check to see if your school has a composting program available to drop off what will soon be fresh earth!


Start using microfiber cloths 

My family all swears by this. Growing up, everyone was surprised to find out that we don’t own any paper towels. Microfiber cloths are reusable and multipurpose. Use them to clean up messes, dust, and even dry the dishes. Trust me, they work so much better, last longer, and the trees will thank you.


Educate yourself

Most importantly, realize that it is not up to you as an individual to end climate change. Hold your representatives accountable for their actions that are damaging our world. Your most powerful tool is remaining informed about the place we call home and demanding change. 

Show some love to Mother Earth today (and everyday after that).

Anna Claire is a second year at UCSD, majoring in Political Science with an emphasis in American Politics. She loves to read, write, go on hikes and is passionate about social justice. Her favorite places to be are the beach or in the desert surrounded by Joshua Trees and a starry sky.
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