Love Yourself this Beach Season

Alright San Diego collegiettes, it’s Spring Quarter, and you know what that means – beach day every day! As beach days are becoming more a part of our daily schedules, many girls (myself included) are starting to work harder towards getting that oh-so-desired bikini bod. We try to squeeze in a work out at the gym in our busy schedules, do some ab exercises in our apartments, and constantly look at our stomach in the mirror. Is it flat enough to wear a bikini? Do I have a thigh gap now?

There is a constant examination of our bodies to meet what we think is the standard of beauty to be seen in a bathing suit. There is a constant comparison of our bodies to those of our peers and to those who we see in bikini advertisements. However, as beach days are indeed becoming more a part of our daily schedules, we need to remind ourselves that our bodies are ours and they are beautiful and that’s all that matters. There is no such thing as the “perfect bikini body” or a standard for what’s acceptable to wear to the beach. Just because you’re a certain body type, this should not and does not restrict you to the type of bathing suit you wear. So wear what makes you feel confident, and own that suit as you strut your stuff along the coastline. Own your body, because that’s what makes you you, and after all, confidence is beautiful. 

Don’t take my word for it? Read this article about a woman who’s picture of her in a bikini went viral as part of the continuing body acceptance movement:

One caviat that I'd like to emphasize is that the body acceptance movement should not be a reason for complacency, for not working hard, and for not exercising and trying to be healthy. This movement is also not an excuse to skinny shame or fat shame. Rather it should be an empowering movement where women support other women and not feel pressure to be people who they aren't.