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Korean Beauty Brands I Live By

    When it comes to skincare and make-up products, I definitely rank Korean at the top. Korean skincare and beauty is on another level and the quality of products is AMAZING! There are some specific brands that I follow and I always go back to even if I try out something new. Below I have listed three brands that I ALWAYS use: 

1. Innisfree

For as long as I remember, Innisfree would be the one skincare brand that my family from Korea would give to me as a gift. I was never disappointed with the products they got me. Now that I’m older and I put more care into my day and night skincare routine, I always reach for Innisfree products. Currently I’m using the Green Tea Cleansing Foam (for my night routine), Balancing Emulsion with Green Tea, and green tea eye roller. I’m personally obsessed with their green tea line, not only do I like the smell and the formula of each product, the green tea is a nice wake up call for my skin and leaves me feeling super refreshed. I also recommend any of their hand creams, they are nice and smooth, not super oily, they leave your hands feeling silky and smooth. 


Laneige is one of the newer brands that I have added to my skincare routine. But, I’m so glad I did! The two products that I currently use are from their water hydration line (the products in the blue bottles LOL). They really do what they’re supposed to do, my skin feels even more hydrated and dewy. The skin toner is lightweight and the perfect first step after cleansing. The other product I use is the Hydro Essence (serum) and again it’s super lightweight and feels super refreshing on the skin. If you want to try out a Korean skincare brand that has a good reputation, I definitely recommend Laneige!


3. Peripera

When it comes to makeup products, I’m still new, but Peripera products have not failed me. I personally use Peripera lip products more than anything. The pigmentation is unbelievable (a little goes a long way), the colors are vibrant, and they actually have a pleasant smell to them too. I prefer wearing tints and Peripera’s tints actually stay on for A LONG TIME!…no need to reapply midday! The formula is very smooth and soft, so as you apply it you get all the effects of an amazing lip tint. 

    There are many MANY brands within the Korean beauty world and all of them are great (I’m assuming). But I just mentioned some of my favorite brands and the products that I used within each. Everyone’s skin and preferences are different. I hope that if you are getting into skincare/make-up or have been on a craze for a while now, that you will look into these brands! And if you already know these brands…YAYY!!

Born and raised in the Bay Area, Shannon Kang is a California native. She is finished community college back in her hometown and is now enrolled at University of California, San Diego to pursue her Bachelor's Degree in Communications. After undergrad she is planning on furthering her education to pursue an MBA in management and operations. When it comes to tasks and her interests she is determined and persistent, she will not stop till she gets what she wants. Her interests include, music (KPOP stan), food (total foodie), Asian culture, fashion, skin care, and literature.